About Piers Days, Lead Trainer at Lightbulb NLP

Piers’s History

Piers began his working life in the corporate world in property and international commodities. 

Having been in the Hypnosis and Coaching world since the turn of the century Piers has helped many hundreds of private clients at his clinic in London and Suffolk.

Piers qualified as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner and then gained his NLP Trainers qualification with the ABNLP

While running Hypnosis courses and mentoring other therapists and coaches he noticed a massive hole in most therapists education – most know little or no NLP. He teaches NLP to therapists, counsellors and other change workers to help make their businesses more successful.

Piers has run 5-PATH training, advanced Hypnosis and Meditation training and a Kinetic Shift courses however courses hand is concentrating on NLP for business people and NLP for therapists and change workers.

Piers works with both private and corporate clients for therapy and coaching so he is well placed to teach not only teach NLP but also teach how se set up and run a successful Coaching Business. Piers walks his talk.


Training note

Piers went through rigorous training and has the support of the ABNLP so is well versed in training and education. Education rarely finishes and Piers is constantly learning new techniques and business models to keep him at the forefront of this profession. Piers has achieved Level 3 Award Education and Training (AET/PTLLS) so is well versed in modern teaching techniques.