NLP Master Practitioner Course ABNLP

This training includes certification at:

  • NLP Master Practitioner,
  • Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Coach

Would you be interested in:


Your own personal development?


Understanding how to really communicate with yourself and others?


Becoming more effective in your career?


Enhancing your relationships with better communication?


Ridding yourself of emotional baggage built up over years?


Removing beliefs that you have about yourself that hold you back?


Taking total control over your life?


Getting out of a rut?


Understanding how the mind works so you can influence others elegantly?


How to build deep rapport with anyone to enable you to communicate effectively?


Being in control of your emotional state at all times thus allowing you to behave in a positive and effective way?


Understanding what people are REALLY saying when they speak?


Being able to change strategies in yourself and others that are not useful? Turning dreams into goals that you achieve?


Turning dreams into goals that you achieve?


Changing how you think of certain things/people so you feel differently and consequently behave in a positive way?

When you attend this type of  NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, you will learn:


  • How to direct your energy through your language in such a way that your linguistic ability will go to a different level. An NLP Master Practitioner becomes a Master of Language. The objective is to teach an NLP Master Practitioner to use their language to effect change in others way before they get to any ‘techniques’.
  • During the program you will become a Master of Quantum Linguistics. This is using language specifically that is plausible but not logical. The effects of these language patterns is amazing!
  • We venture into something called Prime Concerns – what people are seeking at a deeply unconscious level that is represented in their language – again a hugely powerful linguistic pattern.
  • You will commence your journey into Quantum Physics and understand how it applies to everything you do. You will develop your Milton Model skills to a new level where you will be able to use the patterns unconsciously.


Working with the Filters

  • We develop your knowledge and use of strategies with sections on how to destroy unuseful strategies and also a section on strategy installation.
  • You will take your increase your knowledge of Submodalities and learn ways of playing with SMDs linguistically.
  • We spend a whole afternoon looking and working with Meta Programs – those unconscious filters that are powerful determinants of Personality.
  • Values are a big part of this NLP training. We will 2 days teaching you about Values, how they are formed and how to elicit, hierachy and change values. Seeing as values are the things that run your lives this is HUGELY important in aligning your unconscious and conscious towards your goals.
  • You will learn how to use a values inventory, what it means, how to coach different values levels, how to change values levels and how to get rid of conflicts within values level thinking. This is an incredibly important section and very exciting.


NLP Modelling

  • You will also learn NLP Modelling on this NLP training -probably the most effective way of learning and installing an excellent skills set in yourself. We teach you modelling through a board break. People have said that the board break is a defining moment in their lives!
  • There will also be a modelling project since we feel that modelling is the essence of NLP.


Time Line Therapy™

  • Learn advanced Time Line Therapy™ Techniques. During this section you will be introduced to the extremely powerful Drop down through technique and regression techniques. In this section we will show you how to use a values inventory (the latest one – which works!) and the relationship between that and Time Line Therapy™.
  • You will be taught how to do a Personal Breakthrough Session – this is an incredibly powerful session on 2 levels. A personal breakthrough session is where you sit with your client for a day and take a detailed personal history. Then you use your language to use loosen the problems that the client is experiencing and then use whatever interventions that you need to help the client let go of all their issues. Then you work with their values and align them with their personal goals. The result is that, when they leave the session, they have let go of all their issues and are totally focussed and aligned to their future. Knowing this you can see how ANYONE would benefit from that experience -and you will experience it both ways. Both as the Master Practitioner and as the client. So you not only learn how to do a breakthrough session but you also experience all the benefits of it.



  • Already knowledgeable on Ericksonian hypnosis, you will be shown how to use direct authoritarian hypnosis for deep trance.. You will enjoy Estabrooks and Elman inductions and be confident about utilising them in the future.


The Intensive NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training is where you master the NLP skills in a whole new way. You learn from a “higher logical level,” which means that every NLP technique that you’ve ever learned before becomes much more powerful, much more effective.


Who is Eligible to attend this Special Master Practitioner Training?

To attend and gain the full benefit of this NLP course the following conditions apply :

  • You must have trained as an NLP Practitioner and as a Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner. You will also be a Hypnosis Practitioner and an NLP Coach with an approved company.

Course Dates