NLP Practitioner Course ABNLP

NLP Practitioner Course accredited by the ABNLP

This NLP Practitioner Course is 7 days long with pre course study designed to give you the best experience of learning neuro-linguistic programming in an environment where you will feel confident in practicing and utilising the concepts within neuro-linguistic programming.


Why would you want to take the Intensive Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Course?

Would you be interested in:


Your own personal development?


Understanding how to really communicate with yourself and others?


Becoming more effective in your career?


Enhancing your relationships with better communication?


Ridding yourself of emotional baggage built up over years?


Removing beliefs that you have about yourself that hold you back?


Taking total control over your life?


Getting out of a rut?


Understanding how the mind works so you can influence others elegantly?


How to build deep rapport with anyone to enable you to communicate effectively?


Being in control of your emotional state at all times thus allowing you to behave in a positive and effective way?


Understanding what people are REALLY saying when they speak?


Being able to change strategies in yourself and others that are not useful? Turning dreams into goals that you achieve?


Turning dreams into goals that you achieve?


Changing how you think of certain things/people so you feel differently and consequently behave in a positive way?

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein


There are many people who want to make Neuro-Linguistic Programming complicated for whatever reason. On this NLP Practitioner course we take great care in making this subject simple to understand – and that may be because we have been training it for many years and understand our subject very well indeed!

If you are interested in learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming on NLP Practitioner courses which provide you with the learnings in an uncomplicated way then read on!!

Please note you absolutely do not have to be an academic or need any academic qualifications. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is for everyone who has an open mind and a desire to learn.

What does this Intensive NLP Practitioner Course consist of?

These NLP Practitioner courses have been developed over many years and are designed in a way which uses neuro-linguistic programming techniques to enhance your understanding and learnings in a more structured and user-friendly format.

The training consists of 2 parts. Firstly on booking you will receive a pre-training study pack consisting of an NLP Practitioner audio programme and a comprehensive course manual. The pre-training study generally takes about 50 hours and has to be completed before you come on the NLP course so we close enrolment 4 weeks before the course starts to allow you time to complete the pre-course training.

You then come on one of the 7 day Intensive NLP Practitioner Courses (a very practical experience) where your trainer will extend your learnings from the pre training study regarding the mindset of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and, just as importantly, spend the week practicing and refining the techniques that you will have heard and read about in the study time.

During the Intensive NLP Practitioner Course® you will discover how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming applications in:


  • All types of Communication
  • Business
  • Personal Development
  • Therapy
  • Relationships
  • Counselling
  • Sport
  • Coaching
  • Education and Learning
  • Your everyday life

How does it work?

On booking you receive the pack (already mentioned above) and you start to learn straight away whilst listening to the audio programme and reading the comprehensive manual.

As you learn you fill out a questionnaire which ensures you have a clear understanding of each topic. If you get stuck then you just call us and we will help you. Because of clients and running courses many of our conversations and Q&A sessions are in the evenings.

When you have completed the pre-training study you email us the questionnaire and we give you feedback and help you with any parts of it that you appear to be unsure of – we are here to help you throughout the process.

You then come on the course. This is the exciting bit!! You will spend 7 days with your trainer mastering your new skills. 7 days of practicing skills to ensure when you leave our NLP Practitioner courses you will be able to use all you have learned. We want people to go out into the world and to utilise what they have learned – in other words they need to be able to do everything that we train.

After this NLP Practitioner course you are welcome to contact your trainer (or anyone else at Lightbulb NLP) for any continual support that you require.

So what would happen if you came on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Programme?

If you attended one of our recommended NLP Practitioner Courses it is highly likely that you will make significant changes in your life.

Many of their NLP Practitioners find themselves changing careers or achieving great things in their existing careers.

This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – probably the largest NLP certification board in the world and one with high standards.

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